Oxford to Geneva flights

Cheap flights operator Baboo is offering flights from Oxford to Geneva, the first international flights from London Oxford Airport . On Saturdays from the 19th December 2009 Baboo is offering flights on a Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

"Baboo is delighted to be the first international airline to serve Oxford. Baboo is a Geneva-based niche carrier with an excellent reputation for service to exclusive destinations such as St Tropez, Biarritz or Venice."  said Jacques Bankir, Baboo chief executive.

"We are delighted to introduce Geneva as our first international scheduled service and see this as a major turning point in the future of the Airport - we are a niche facility bringing bespoke destinations within a stone’s throw of the Oxford and Thames Valley market. Baboo is a highly regarded Swiss regional carrier, their Q400 fleet is perfectly suited to niche markets like ours and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the airline."  said Steve Jones, London Oxford Airport Managing Director.


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